Bursting the Bubble

I can change the world, with my own two hands.- Ben Harper

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My darling and talented photographer came and shot some photos of the Bonus Boys, and head shots for my business. I love her, and I love these. 

The Boys are going to be so excited when they wake up and see their handsome faces!

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Shepard Boy

Since my Bonus Boys have been asking for chores to do, I gave them a few jobs. They want to feel helpful around here, and I want to let them. So, their jobs are watering the potted plants and the donkey and chicken care.

It’s been impossible so far to impart to them only to water to potted plants, so all of my landscaped beds are getting water twice a day along with the potted plants. Everything…

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Good Deeds Go Punished

Good Deeds Go Punished

Just found collections on my credit report for a 2011 visit to the ER with my foster son when he busted his head. I listed myself as the responsible person, as I was his medical conservator. Guess I should have listed his caseworker, because Medicaid didn’t pay the bill and my perfect credit score dropped SIXTY points. Now, I have to try and find his Medicaid number, get them to pay the…

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  • The bonus boys’ English is improving greatly. Every day it gets a little easier to communicate. 
  • Our foster agency is amazing. The caseworkers don’t expect the foster homes to do all the work, and are actually partners, and grateful for your role as a foster parent and respectful of what it takes to do the job well. 
  • The boys have a fellow Tigrinya speaker coming over today to check on their…

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Took the boys for a haircut. Apparently, barbers in Eritrea are far superior to the charlatans we have here. And, the bonus boys now know how to say, “Bad hair cut! Very, very bad!”