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Whew! http://wp.me/s4DgxT-whew

7:00- Up and at ‘em!
9:00- Meeting at Stinky’s school for back to school stuff
11:00-Drive an hour across town to pick up kitty
12:30- Other side of town for Flower’s meeting
2:00-Back across town for a football meeting at Stinky’s school
4:00- Hair appointment for Flower
7:00- Dinner to watch a friend’s band play

I earned a beer and dessert!

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So, how does it work?

So, how does it work?

I get asked a lot of questions about being an international foster parent, and so I thought it would be good to explain the process here, from start to finish. This is just a basic outline of what a typical placement would look like, but it gives a general idea of how this system works.

  • A child, usually a teen, but sometimes older or younger (although never older than 18 because they don’t…

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fosterhood, this might answer some of your questions :)

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This time tomorrow-

I’ll be welcoming our newest foster placement. I’ve been in a mad rush to get everything as organized as I can get it so that this process is seamless as possible and disrupts everyone as little as possible. 

It’s crazy bringing in another kiddo when you are also getting your own ready to start school, but I think I’ve got it, along with the help of dear friends and my fabulous babysitter.


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Does anyone know anything about “immigration foster care”


I’ve only heard this and it sounds like they are actually group homes (or institutions) rather than federal foster care.

fosterhood I’m doing this right now. It’s basically the same as domestic care but the kids come from other countries. It’s been amazing so far, and I’m receiving a placement Wednesday of a 16-year-old girl from Guatemala, after just having short term placement of two boys from Eritrea. The program is funded by the Feds, and my agency is contracted and overseen by the state as a provider of foster care.